Make Modifications to Your Roof

Make Modifications to Your Roof

Give your Excelsior Springs, MO roof an upgrade

Do you worry about what the elements may do to your Excelsior Springs, MO roof? Are you concerned that one of these days, it may be compromised by strong winds or water damage? End your weather concerns and work with Alexander Coating to protect your roof with a fabric-reinforced coating.

You can reach us at 816-769-8001 to learn more about our fabric-reinforced coatings.

4 ways a fabric reinforced-coating can benefit your roof

Worry less about your roof and install a fabric-reinforced coating. Here are a few ways this service can provide additional protection for your roof:

  1. It can strengthen your roof with a waterproof finish, without adding significant weight
  2. It can protect your roof from the elements year-round
  3. It saves on energy bills by reflecting sunlight off its white top coat
  4. It can prevent hail damage
Discuss your commercial roof with Alexander Coating and we’ll help you reinforce it with a fabric coating.